Learning from Adversity

In life, the difficult periods are the best periods to gain experience and shore up determination. As a result, my mental status is much improved because of them.
–The Dalai Lama

Life is a never ending process of recognizing and solving problems. Real education is about solving life’s daily problems. Solving problems is the primary way to develop our spiritual muscle. Great leaders  meet their vision, courage, fortitude, and compassion, not in spite of, but because of their problems.

In Listening to Your Inner Voice, Douglas Bloch points out,

Problems often come to us in the form of crisis. The Chinese glyph for the word crisis contains two symbols; one means danger and the other opportunity. When an obstacle is before you, use it to create a beneficial result.  Let your problems bring out your greatness.

  • Instead of seeking to live a life that is problem-free, seek one that is solution-full.
  • Instead of asking to remove the mountain before you, seek the strength to climb it.

Remember that the best students always get the toughest problems. Love the problems you have, and their priceless gifts will be yours.


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