How open are you?

Trish and Rob MacGregor, in the The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity , state that creativity lies at the heart of synchronicity, and when you bring awareness to your creative process you invite synchronicity into your life.  However you have to be open to new experiences. You can begin by practicing these affirmations.

how open are you

Here are Deepak Chopra‘s tips for tapping into synchronicity:

  1. See the world as an extension of yourself.
  2. See relationships as a mirror.
  3. Come from a place of detachment.
  4. Have clarity of your intentions.
  5. Don’t get involved in details.
  6. If you experience coincidence, ask yourself what it means.
  7. Understand that life is the harmonious interaction of the masculine and feminine.
  8. Have a relationship with archetypes.

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