Try Chair Yoga to Prevent Sitting Disease: The New Health Epidemic

According to Bess O’Connor,

  Sitting is the new smoking. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys report that 50-70 percent of people spend six or more hours sitting every day.

An inactive lifestyle is shown to shorten your lifespan, cause hormonal changes, and increase inflammation. Sitting dormant for hours on end, combined with a lack of exercise has been proven to cause type-II diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.<See more>

Ground your mind and body with this 20-minute chair flow. Perfect for all levels and doshas, chair yoga is a great way to relax from head to toe without the stress of getting out of your chair.This flow is also perfect for those wanting a quick way to stretch your body and relieve tension while at work, without leaving your office chair. Open your hips, move your shoulders and neck, and find length in your spine with this chair yoga flow.

Chair Yoga Flow for All Levels


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