Forgiveness Challenge Day 6: The Fourfold Path, a Method of Repair

We are not created to live in suffering and isolation. We are created to live in love and connection with one another. When there is a break in that connection, we must have a method of repair.

The Fourfold Path

The method Desmond & Mpho offer is called the Fourfold Path. The steps on the path are:

    1. Telling the Story,
    2. Naming the Hurt,
    3. Granting Forgiveness,
    4. Renewing or Releasing the Relationship.

Listen to Mpho reading the meditation “Opening to the Light.”

The best outcome for me, when I forgive, is a feeling of  freedom, happiness and contentment. Forgiveness gives me peace of mind, and frees me from corrosive anger. 


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