Forgiveness Challenge Day 3: Making the Choice and Ubuntu

Today the  Forgiveness Challenge is about the deep connection we have with one another and the drive within each of us to live in harmony. We are deeply connected to one another whether we recognize it or not. In Africa this is called “Ubuntu,” which is the understanding that we are who we are through one another.

We Are All Family

We are made to exist in a delicate network of interdependence, and we are all cousins really. To treat anyone as if they were less than human, less than a member of the family, no matter what they have done, is to violate the very laws of our humanity. When we can truly recognize our shared humanity, we have no choice but to forgive.

We Are All Flawed

Forgiveness is a choice we make, and the ability to forgive others comes from the recognition that we are all flawed and all human. None of us are saints..We have all made mistakes and harmed someone. We will again. It is always easier to practice forgiveness when we can recognize that the roles could have been reversed. Each of us has the capacity to commit the wrongs against others that were committed against us.

Today I made a list of the people I need to forgive and list  people I would like to have forgive me.


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