Help to pass an international ban on building new coal power plants.

Timelapse Coal Power Plant from Jeff Grewe on Vimeo.

In 2012, fossil fuels were responsible for nearly 13 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. The biggest contributor was coal-fired power plants. Thousands of power plants currently exist around the world and each, on average, emits approximately 3.5 million tons of greenhouse gases every year!

As the world’s population grows and energy demand increases, it is imperative that we do not build new coal power plants, especially in developing countries such as China and India that are expanding their energy production. If new coal power plants continue to be built, they will lock-in high greenhouse gas emissions for the next 50 years (the average lifetime of coal power plants)

To prevent this from happening, the global community needs to stand together and demand an international ban on the creation of new coal power plants. Join Earth Day Network and grassroots organizers around the world to call for governments to stop new coal energy development projects before they pump more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere!


Stop Dirty Energy: Tell Your Government to Act -HERE

Coal power plants are one of largest greenhouse gas emitters in the world.  If we want to avoid the worst of climate change, we need to stop building new coal power plants and invest in renewable energy.

The first step: passing an international ban on building new coal power plants.

Please join me in calling on U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki moon to end our reliance on coal power plants.  Every voice counts.  To send a letter and learn more about the campaign, please visit

This is a duplicate post from the Leeward CC Compassion Relay


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