Compassion Relays: Sign-up now to “Carry the Torch”!

Compassion Relays

Join us in the Compassion Relays to connect the world with compassion.  You are invited to  pass the Compassion Torch, to spread the light of compassion, and inspire and share the power of compassionate action in everyday life.   Sign-up to carry the torch for one week, now through September 7th,  and bring compassion to life through caring for others, caring for self, and caring for the Earth.

Click on this link to join the global Compassion Relays!

Anytime, anywhere, anyone can accept, carry, and pass on the Relays torch.

Instructions for “Carrying the Torch”.

  1. Take the Relays Torch.  The Torch represents your commitment to discover and record compassion in your everyday life.  Please complete this form to “Take the Torch”.
  2. “Carry the Torch” during your week.
    1. Each day during the week you carry the torch  you will highlight, share, and honor your daily thoughts and acts of compassion on the Leeward CC Compassion Relays blog (this blog).
    2. Post about compassion daily for one week.  Make it real.  Bring compassion to life!  Each day for one week type(or capture via artistic expression/photo/video) one thought or action that shows compassion in your own daily life.
    3. Explore all 3 dimensions of compassion- caring for others, caring for self, and caring for the Earth.
    4. Keep it simple!  It can be something you do, something you discover, or something you observe someone else do.
    5. Have fun!  Be on a treasure hunt for compassion.
  3. Pass on the Torch.  Email others to join in the Relays by completing this form.
    1. As a teacher, engage at least one other teacher or school staff member.
    2. As a student, engage at least one other student.
    3. Post what’s happening at Leeward on the Compassion Games International Facebook page and Twitter: @CompassionGames.
    4. It’s easy to invite others.  Just give a personal message about the Relays along with the following link:
    5.  To be sure the torch continues pleas find at least  ONE other person to commit to the Leeward Relays.
  4. Share/report.  At the end of the week submit a brief comment/report to the Compassion Map.
    1. Share some of your thoughts/acts of compassion and briefly describe the week long experience (what youth learned, impact, etc.).
    2. Be sure to indicate Leeward CC’s  name and city when entering your report.


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