Imagine and visualize optimal learning performance

After a season-ending Achilles tear in 2011Steven Nyman, a 30-year-old middle of the pack World Cup skier, began a new training regimen that led his second-ever World Cup victory, and a spot on the Olympic Team. How did he do it?

Lester Keller, the Nyman’s performance psychology program coördinator, emphasized a relatively new approach known as positive psychology. It focused less on the treating mental problems or weaknesses and more on the study and promotion of what makes us better, more efficient.

Keller stresses “a toolset of mental skills and mental strength, things like imagery, visualization, relaxation, journaling, concentration, and focus to promote optimal performance… You visualize this over and over and over, to convince yourself of what’s possible.”

Everyone needs a tool set of mental skills and the mental strength to imagine and visualize optimal learning performance. Lets start with teachers. 

How Science Turned a Struggling Pro Skier Into an Olympic Medal Contender BY JEFFREY MARLOW


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