Become part of a community –

How we spend our time on the Internet matters.  We can choose to waste our time doing meaningless clicking and taking.  Or we can choose to be a  part of communities that are meaningful to us. We can help them grow and thrive.  Seth Godin, in his blog post Part of a community…, points out,

“What can I contribute today,” might be the very best way to become part of a community. Relentless generosity brings us closer together.

The alternative? The masses of web surfers spending their time wasting their time, taking, clicking, scamming or being scammed.

When you think of the real communities you belong to, your family, your best friends, the tribes that matter… of course the decision is easy… Take or give?

How To Teach Online (#tomooc) is designed to help you learn to engage in an online learning community. Online learning communities develop through interaction among participants. Acknowledging, valuing, respecting and accommodating diversity as a combination of similarities and differences plays a central role in fostering and maintaining online learning communities.

You will learn how to read or watch, understand, and work with various forms of content, and other people, to create your own new understanding and knowledge. Your job isn’t to memorize a whole bunch of stuff. Rather, your job is to practice and use different tools to create artifacts. We will show you by giving examples. Watch what we do, then practice yourself.

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