What makes you stand out

Sara Blakely has never taken a business class, and had zero experience with the product she created. Using the Internet, tenacious cold calling, and $5,000 in savings, she created Spanx, a $500 million dollar-a-year company, and revolutionized women’s undergarments (Sara Blakely, Spanx and the American Dream).

Her greatest inspiration was her father. At dinner each night he asked how she failed that day. Gradually her father re-framed her thinking about failure. The greatest gift she received from her father was not to be afraid of failure. This gift, along with her experience, cold call selling fax machines, taught her to keep going.  On Fareed Zakaria GPS, she said,

I had never taken a business class. I had never worked in fashion or retail. But I knew that I wanted to be self-employed. I had really been visualizing that. I had been manifesting that.  I was very clear with my intentions but I wanted an idea. And if the universe gave me the idea, I would take it and run with it and create it on my own and sell it, because I knew I could sell fax machines. I didn’t really like fax machines or, half the time, understand them.

But if I could come up with that idea that I was excited about, then I would not waste it.

She learned from her success, “If you don’t know how it’s done you’re going to do something different. That’s what makes you stand out”.

How can we learn like Sara and stand out? Begin by registering for How To Teach Online. Learning in this MOOC results from the activities you choose to undertake, and will be different for each person. You visit other people’s blogs, and create discussions of your own.

You will feel a bit disoriented at first. However, if you keep going, you will learn from your confusion and mistakes. Your active participation in this course will help you to acquire the skills needed to function in this type of course. If you stick with it, you learn to manage complexity within networked learning environments. You will have done something different. You will stand out.

Do something different! Register for How To Teach Online.


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