Are you paying attention?

In day 13 of Miraculous Relationships, Deepak Chopra asks if you are willing to slow down and trust the words of others?  Do you know how to truly listen? Begin by seeing how others truly listen. Notice when they are genuinely engaged in your conversation.

When we listen with our heart we touch the truth that lives within us.  When we intuitively listen with a heart full of love, and without judgment, we are entirely present.  We connect deeply with each other.

When we are fully present with others, we are fully present with ourselves. When we give the gift of our full attention to another person, the gift is returned by others. As Deepak says, ” a happy heart lightens the universe with love”.

Day 13 Miraculous Awareness Mindful Moment

Set the intention to have at least one conversation today in which you truly listen with your heart and soul. Give yourself permission to pause your busy inner dialogue. Listen to the words being spoken and make the choice to listen beyond the words to receive the full spirit and potential of the message. With fresh and attentive eyes and ears, witness the miracle of the person before you, seeing them through the eyes of your heart. With this practice you invite true connection, infinite possibility, and abundant love into your life and relationships.


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