Practice non-judgement

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How long can you go without judging yourself or someone else? Judgment is making a comparison between how things or people are, and how we think they ought to be. When we judge we have some dissatisfaction with the way things are, and we have a desire for things to be the way we want them to be.

How do we let go of our need to judge situations, people or circumstances? Here are three steps that help me be aware and let go of judgement.

  1. Be aware when you pass judgment and notice how you feel. When we judge we assume we know everything.
  2. We really don’t know everything, and were not in a position to judge.
  3. Awareness leads to relaxation. Relaxation helps us to be open and compassionate.

The only true measure of life is not to measure it at all, but rather to simply live it fully.


2 thoughts on “Practice non-judgement

  1. Can human beings ever stop making judgements? i think that it is very human to get into the judging mode. Some judgements are life-altering while some make living life fully a distant dream. To be on top of it – and that requires a lot of practice – we need to watch our thoughts and become aware that we are at it again. Personally, just being aware of those instances has changed the way I go through the day. Thank you for sharing.


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