Life is about learning and living together

What comes to your mind when you think of formal education? A teacher in front of the class controlling the learning process, by disseminating information and rating student’s ability to repeat the same information.  If this were a political process, we might call it a dictatorship. Formal schooling has traditionally been a dictatorial environment for learning. Yet we live in a democracy. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Dictatorial learning creates a double standard within the unconscious of learners. When we dictate learning we teach through our actions-it is “ok to say one thing and do something different”.

Life is about learning and living together. To thrive in a democratic world, we need to begin teaching learners how to participate in a democratic process that promotes creative collegiality. We can begin by forming  learning tribes (groups) where students work together and develop lifelong collaborative learning. Democratic learning focuses on how to:

  1. set goals and solve problems
  2. help each other work on tasks
  3. monitor and assess progress
  4. celebrate achievements.

Check-out the Tribes process.



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