Random acts of kindness

Do we go to college just for self centered reasons? If so, how do we learn that success is dependent on the connections we make with other people? We can begin by integrating random act of kindness  into learning through the use of Internet.

Jonathan Zittrain, suggests the Internet, is made up of millions of disinterested acts of kindness, curiosity and trust.

The Internet has no business plan, no CEO, no firm responsible, singly, for building it. Instead, it’s folks getting together to do something for fun, rather than because they were told to, or because they were expecting to make a mint off of it. The Internet isn’t just a pile of information. It’s not a noun. It’s a verb. And when you go on it, if you listen and see carefully and closely enough, what you will discover is that that information is saying something to you.

The Internet is full of wonderful people, you can connect with to spread kindness in the world. Here is a list to help get you started. Or you can begin by playing Smile Deck. Smile Deck  is a deck of cards, each with a unique kindness idea. When we help others, with no thought of anything in return , we overcome selfishness, and if we are humble, we will know peace and serenity.


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