Multisensory perception for greater awareness and freedom.

UC Riverside psychology professor Lawrence D. Rosenblum states in, The Multisensory Revolution: Why Your Brain Is a Sensory Smoothie, that recent research on multisensory speech perception has helped revolutionize our understanding of how the brain organizes information it receives from our many different senses. “ Our brains derive meaning from the world in as many ways as possible by blending the diverse forms of sensory perception.” Multisensory perception, the ability to see more than the five senses can detect, is emerging spontaneously in every culture throughout the world. We are shifting our perception of a world that is limited to the five senses to one that is multisensory.

A multisensory person is not limited to the five senses and according to Gary Zukav, we have now developing a second sensory system of intuition.

Intuition and multisensory perception are the same. Multisensory perception is a more accurate…it is realizing that the experiences in your life are not random. They are purposeful and meaningful. Each one holds an enormous potential for the expansion of your consciousness. Each one is tailored exquisitely for you. Every circumstance that you encounter is the best circumstance possible for your spiritual growth, given the wisdom of the choices that you have made.

When we create learning activities with the intention of developing multisensory perceptions, we teach harmony and cooperation, which leads to greater awareness and freedom. When we become aware of everything we are feeling, we become aware of our personality. In order for learners to create in meaningful ways, they must be conscious of who they are, their goals, agendas, and values. When learners connect with their mutisensory perceptions they can choose “to create” responsibly, and apply their free will consciously to their choices.

With each choice you immediately create numerous paths within a choice, one of which is then optimal. In other words, the optimal path of your soul is the choice of awareness, the vertical path (Zukav).


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