The courage to teach and learn in a digital world.

by pics

Do you use digital tools and the internet in ways that enhance all your college courses? If not why not?  If you are a student, why are you choosing to take and pay for courses that do not allow you to use the tools that are changing our world in transformative ways?  In the article,  Students Demand the Right to Use Technology in Schools, students asked,

How are we to grow as a society if we are not to use technology responsibly if we don’t use it at all? We demand good quality teachers who will allow students to use the tools, laptops, smartphones, tablets, they already have to learn. And we demand that parents back us up.

There is a huge disconnect between adults and students over the role and use of digital tools for learning. The Project Tomorrow research team adds,

The disconnect between adults and students on the role of digital tools is played out every day in classrooms when students are forbidden to use their smartphones as learning tools.

The fear of not understanding how to use technology, and looking like a fool in front of the world, keeps many students and teachers from being truly open-minded and looking at  the hard questions.

Fear is not something we try to get rid of in our lives. Courage and bravery are a willingness to get close to fear to really understand it. When we have the courage to fight against the habitual reaction to run away and hide from the problem, we are able to work with the fear to overcome it. Pema Chodron suggests we smile at fear.

When we are genuinely being ourselves we are on the path to fearlessness. When stop faking and pretending to show others we know more than we do. We can be honest with ourselves. When we are honest with ourselves we can really get to know our feelings of why we are afraid. When we are honest with ourselves we can be open to the world and other people.  When we are able to face our fear and uncertainty with genuine courage and confidence, we can begin to change.


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