Personal accountability

How are we teaching learners to be personally accountable, for their own actions?  Grading learners doesn’t make them personally responsible. Just ask any representative of a teachers union if grading teachers makes them more personally responsible? The “carrot and stick” approach does not work to get learners to be internally motivated.

Educating people about the power of accountability begins with inviting them to shift their mindset to making accountability personal. Try it. Use the word I “personal” before the word accountability every time you say accountability.  The meaning will shift.

  • Is the teacher accountable for that?
  • Is the teacher personally accountable for that?
  • Each of us is totally accountable for our well-being.
  • Each of us is totally personally accountable for our well-being.

You cannot mandate personal accountability, you can only demonstrate it.

What do we do when learners are not personally accountable when we want them to be? We come up with classroom rules and policies to stop non-accountability.  When a learner is not accountable they are punished according to the rule or policy. Yet the learner is still not personally responsible for what was individually or collectively produced.  This punishes students who are personally accountable for their learning and demonstrates a bad example.

Begin to be personally accountable by asking and answering these questions.

  1. How am I going to respond?
  2. What are the choices I made to co-create this experience in my life?
  3. What is my lesson? How can I learn from this experience?

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