STOP and get centered.

The assembly line approach to learning doesn’t work.  Teachers end up trying to cover content instead of enriching the lives of learners.  Learners attend a 50 minute class, sit in neatly arranged rows while the teacher covers a chapter or two a week in a bland textbook.   Tests are given where everyone has the same questions and must choose the one right answer. answers. Do it over and over again in thoughtless patterns.

How can we begin to STOP the mindless repetition of teaching and learning? Are you able to stop and  center yourself, and get in touch with the real reason why you want to teach or learn?  Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra suggest getting yourself centered by being conscious of your breath.  The STOP formula can be used throughout your day.


  1. Stop what you are doing
  2. Take three breaths and smile everywhere in your body while you take the breaths.
  3. Observe your body
  4. Proceed with Love and kindness

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