Learning compassion from reason and patience.

We are all individuals. A person separate from other persons and possessing his or her own needs or goals, (Wikipedia). Yet most college courses disseminate information  in ways that do not allow learners to focus on their individual needs and goals. To do this we need to look at how we learn.

Thinking about what you read, watch, or listen to is not enough to develop true understanding. True understanding takes time and practice. Many of the best  opportunities for practice arise when we are having trouble.

For example, consider learning good listening skills . I may know what they are, but if I do  not practice using the listening skills, i will not be a better listener.  One of the best opportunities  to practice my listening skills is when someone is confrontational to me. My best teachers are those who give me trouble. This is the best opportunity for me to practice and learn.  IF I can see this as an opportunity and use it to learn.  Most opportunities like this are lost.

Learning is lifelong. Every obstacle in life is a valuable opportunity to learn. How can the teach learners to have a compassionate attitude from reason and patience?



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