The More You Give the More You Get

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The League for Innovation in the Community College identified outcomes for twenty-first century learners. These outcomes included communication skills, diversity and pluralism, critical thinking and problem solving, interpersonal skills including teamwork, relationship management, conflict resolutions, workplace skills, and personal skills for management of change, learning to learn, and personal responsibility.

How can we reach these outcomes in a hierarchical closed learning environment where student s are competing against each other and ranked by grades? This type of learning environment doesn’t make sense and will fail to meet the stated outcomes.

Giving and receiving is such a fundamental part of life. If we wish to receive, we must first give to others. The more we give, the more we will receive.  When we give it makes us happier, improves our health, and lengthens our lives. Success is is not about competing to be better than someone else. Success is the by-product of the preparation of learning  from others, and trying to be the best you can be (John Wooden).  When we give to others we are trying to be the best we can be.

When educators begin to give learners what they really need they will begin to receive the outcomes they truly want.


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