Aloha Business 101 Learners

Aloha Everyone,

My name is Greg Walker and I’m the “other” instructor for this course.

I’m the Distance Education Coordinator/ Educational Technologist  at Leeward. I have been teaching a version of this course since 1998.  I have also been teaching or taking courses online since 1999.

The format of this course maybe a bit different then other online courses you may have taken. In this course we feel it is important to just learn about the technology but to also use it.   If we are successful will be use technology to work and learn together and build a Community of Inquiry 


I’m currently using my alternate technology access plan. My desktop at home will not boot and I’m currently unable to partition the C drive to re-install Windows from the D partition. I hooked up my work laptop to my desktop monitor. Now my desktop at work is my back-up and I use my IPad for email.


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