The need for secular ethics to develop universal compassion through education

This last weekend the Dalai Lama was in Hawaii and presented three talks over two days. Here is a summary of the actual content presented by the Dalai Lama in his three talks. Links to each of the talks are listed below.

Peace through Dialogue
This century must be a century of peace and dialogue. A century of peace does not mean there will no longer be problems among humanity, there will be increasing problems. When we face problems, we must not use force, but talk, with respect, and listen to others’ point of view. That’s the only way.You have a heavy responsibility to build a happy humanity, a happy century. The way to deal with the problems is through logic, reason, mutual respect and  dialogue. In order to do that, you must have the will power to talk. And then you need wisdom to know the reality about others’ interest and your own interest. A century of peace through dialogue will develop through the combination of wisdom and will power.

Culture and Community
Human beings are social animals. On the emotional level, the sense of concern for others’ well-being brings people together. An individual’s future is entirely dependent on the community. Culture, which you see develop according to your own environment, and way of life, is very important to exterior material development. Each individual community or country has their own cultural heritage, something suitable to the people, their environment and climate. It Important to preserve your own cultural heritage. Not only your own identity. But it helps your mental way of thinking, peace of mind. We must keep our own culture, heritage, language.

Trust and Community
As social animals, we need genuine cooperation. Without trust, how can people live happily.  In order to have that, you need a sense of  of belonging and community. For that to happen, trust is a key factor. Destroyer of trust is fear. An open heart is very important for a healthy family, healthy community. Once you become closer to your neighbor, anxiety is reduced, distrust reduced. More compassionate feeling toward others. That is an immense help to reduce fear. Today, with the global economy, the world has become one entity. That’s the reality. We’re just a big human family.

The quality of Human Intelligence
Things are relative. From one angle, look at that event, you may get some uncomfortable. From another angle, you may get more hope. In spite our intelligence, our ability, we usually look from one angle. We must look from all angles. Not one dimension. Four dimensions. Six dimensions. Through that way you get a better answer. If you look only negative side, then sad, sad, sad. If you look at positive things, then you see much less distress. That is the quality of human intelligence. Everybody has that capacity, that ability. You must utilize that.

A Calm mind and Sense of Brotherhood
Destructive emotion, such as anger, hatred, mainly come through mental thinking. Anger, and distrust are harmful for learning. Too much stress, too much anxiety, develops frustration, hopelessness, then anger and hatred. If your basic mind is calm, the part of your brain you use to study functions normally. But if at an emotional level if you feel distrust or extreme competitiveness, it’s negative.  It’s positive to strive, to compete, he says. But if there’s a negative feeling toward others, that’s blind competitive feeling. That’s negative. Anger. Distrust. Every student entering a classroom with full of a sense of brotherhood is good. Better for studying.

Compassion and Forgiveness
Genuine compassion does not consider response. There is no room for expectation. You don’t expect anything in return. You give unconditionally. Respect of your enemy, having  loving kindness toward your enemy, does not mean you submit. We have the ability to develop a genuine sense of concern for them. No basis for hatred. For anger. In case of unjust action by some people, you have to take counter measures. But with respect. But with genuine concern for their long-term future interests.

Forgiveness does not mean you accept their wrong deeds. Real sense of forgiveness is not to keep negative feeling toward that trouble maker.

Inner Peace
 Every result entirely depends on its own causes. I think joyfulness, happiness entirely depends on ones own action. Instinctively, we have the desire to achieve a happy life. Prosperity must come through action, not prayer. Therefore, world peace must come through inner peace, at the individual level also. In order to have a happy life, inner peace very essential, including a healthy body. Healthy mind, healthy body. A healthy body is very much linked with healthy mind. Happiness, joyfulness is a result of a healthy mind and body. Three levels. Physical. Verbal. Mental. The mental action is the key factor. It’s quite logical.

What is the real basis of inner peace? It’s warmheartedness. Once we develop warmheartedness, that means consider all others just like myself. Every one has the right just like me to achieve happy life. With that kind of attitude, automatically develop respect.

Transform our World Through Inner Peace
Problems are created by human beings and therefore the answers must be found from human beings. The answer must come from the individual. Create inner peace. And share with more people. Your friend. And then your enemy. That’s the way to transform our world. That’s the way to change the way of thinking in our society. Through that way you can build a happy, peaceful society. The initiative must come from the individual.

Universal Compassion through Education
Education reduces the gap between appearance and reality. Through analysis and awareness we value positive thought, love, compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance. Not through meditation. Our intelligence has the ability to create inner peace, to create self-confidence, a counter force to inner disturbances. Love, compassion, and wisdom there are on  two levels. One level is physical,  mixed with attached and emotional. This always becomes one-sided, biased. However the biological factor of compassion is a seed to help us utilize our human intelligence and common sense. This brings inner peace, a peaceful family and a peaceful community. It also brings good health. All major religious traditions carry this practice. But without religious belief we can develop universal compassion, through education. Education is about the value of non-violence. Through education we have to find ways and means to become aware of universal values.

Promote Secular Ethics Through Education
It is crucial to promote secular ethics based on our common experience, common sense and latest scientific findings. positive mental attitude not at all based on religious belief.  Secular ethics is based on our common experience, common sense and latest scientific findings. We really need a universal way to approach this universal value. If we rely on religious faith, it will never be universal. On the basis of our common experience, common sense and scientific findings, we can make more awareness of the ultimate source of happiness within ourself. More self confidence. Not blind self confidence. But combined with compassion. Inner strength. That reduces fear. Compassion, there are two levels. One biological. Another level of compassion, through training, through reasoning.

Practice love and compassion and let go of distrust.


One thought on “The need for secular ethics to develop universal compassion through education

  1. Secularism is what we’re taught to be proud of, even at the cost of our traditional Hindu identity. The choice between cultural nationalism and constitutional secularism confuses a many. Let’s drive through the shades of Indian secularism.The seculaarizum can be maintain & become safe if proper education of democracy take place & every body will get chance according to his qualification & hard working.


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