iFacilitate 2012 Results

Here are the results of the five week iFacilitate workshop.

  •  112 unique visitors who visited the website a total of 321 times.
  • Talk Story @ iFacilitate Home page
    • 223 total visits
    • The total time spent of the page was 46:50:56
    • Average time on the page was 2:10
    • A total of 1,495 Page views
    • 50.59% of all Page views

Unique Visits

  • The greatest percentage of visits were on Thursdays (31.01%)
  • Over 50% of the visits where on Tuesday or Thursday
  • The Thursday of the second week of the workshop had the greatest number of unique visitors (23)
  • Most of the visits were between 7am and 5pm.
  • The greatest number of visits (41) were between 11am and 12pm

Time Spent on Site

  • The second day of the workshop had the greatest average time on the site-00:26:07.
  • The greatest  time spent on the site was between 8am and 9am-00:23:42.
  • The greatest page depth (2o) also had the longest duration the site 00:43:16
  • Sixty unique visitors spent zero amount of time on the site.


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