Stats for the first two weeks of iFacilitate

I’m using Google Analytics with the iFacilitate workshop. Here are the statistics for the first two weeks. I have also attached a full detailed report for those of you who were tapping their fingers all weekend while staring at your monitors waiting for this exciting info.

Week 1 February 27th- March 4th

116 Visits

41 Unique Visitors
1,291 Pageviews
11.13 Pages/Visit
00:19:22 Avg. Time on Site
31.03% % New Visits
Week 2  March 5th- March 11th
83 Visits
41 Unique Visitors
737 Pageviews
8.88 Pages/Visit
00:14:59 Avg. Time on Site

39.76% % New Visits

Week 1 statistics    Analytics Talk Story @ iFacilitate iFacilitate 20120227-20120304

Week 2 statistics  Analytics Talk Story @ iFacilitate iFacilitate 20120305-20120311

2 Week Totals 

199 Visits
74 Unique Visitors
2,028 Pageviews
10.19 Pages/Visit
00:17:32 Avg. Time on Site
34.67% % New Visits

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