Stand up and talk

My mother hates technology, or at least she says she does. I gave her and iPad about a year ago on her 80th birthday.  Now she loves her “red book”. She is on it everyday.  She  can hardy use a computer- but will spend most of the day on her iPad.

When I explain what I do for a living my moms eyes always glaze. She doesn’t get it. The other day I loaded Talk Story @ iFacilitate on her iPad. Over the next hour she  read all the posts and comments on the main page while laughing to herself. She was totally absorbed. When she was done she looked up and stated,  “I’m so proud of you. Your getting people to stand up and talk.”

It is important to understand the context of this statement. In 1968 my mother began one of the first pre-schools in Wauwatosa Wisconsin. Over the next 25 years she was passionately involved in the promotion of early childhood education and development.

In 1969 she used her pre-school for the leaders of the riots in Milwaukee to strand up and talk. Wauwatosa was a white neighborhood in 1969, and the thought of black rioters speaking at a pre-school outraged many. In fact she made the front page of the  Milwaukee Sentinel.

My mother was also a very vocal critic of the Vietnam war. She invited peace activists to stand up and talk. Many people tried to make her sit down and shut up. She rejected this idea. She stood up and talked  in a time when saying what was on your mind could lead to big trouble. My mother taught me the importance of standing up and talking.


4 thoughts on “Stand up and talk

  1. Greg, your mom is so proud of you! I often find it difficult to explain what we do as Educational Technologists, in understandable terms. Your mom seemed to give it new meaning! 😀


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