Greg Walker’s Introduction to iFacilitate

Aloha my name is Greg Walker and I will be your lead facilitator for iFacilitate 2012. I’m the Distance Education Coordinator and Educational Technologist  at Leeward Community College.

Personally I do not like lectures or any kind of test where you sit me in room with a bunch of others and tell me to keep quite while you test me on something YOU think I should learn.

I discovered online learning in 1998 and earned my masters and Phd online (no way was I going to sit in another classroom like the one described above).  I have had a passion for online learning ever since I was set free.  With the advent of broadband, mobility and social learning I’m excited about the future of online learning.

That brings us to  facilitate workshop . At he beginning of the workshop many participants confused and disorientated.  To clarify this confusion you need to make sense and find you way through what can be a complex environment to work in. the process of clarifying confusion and disorientation -sensemaking and wayfinding – is the learning. You are learning by trying to come to an understanding with pieces that don’t connect by finding a way to connect them. This is what this workshop is all about. This is how i learn naturally. This is how I have FUN learning.

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6 thoughts on “Greg Walker’s Introduction to iFacilitate

  1. Hi Greg, in the spirit of Google’s recent privacy policy changes, a quick question: I understand that most online publishing is public, but to what extent do UH system administrators have access to what is posted in the iFacilitate forums?

    As I’m sure you will agree, the degree to which we are observed plays out greatly in student posts. Besides friendly, friendly you, who else has access to this forum?


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