Prezi Templates

Often when I create a prezi  presentation I save a copy of  an interesting prezi, and use them as templates. Here are a few reasons  for using and offering prezi’s for re-mixing;

  •  It’s easier to get inspired as you play around with an existing prezi, replacing texts and images as you build your version.
  • Build a prezi just 10 minutes before a meeting: search for a prezi in the Reuse Library, save a copy to your own account, and replace the content.
  • Don’t end the loop: offer your version for further reuse! The result will be a growing database of diverse open knowledge.

Prezi Templates


3 thoughts on “Prezi Templates

  1. It is more and more important now to build a story behind our presentation instead of move from frame to frame in Prezi. From my experience the audience will remember longer the presentation if the template is prepared according to our story. I always consider the Prezi template as a palace with many rooms, and presenting as a sightseeing the palace where I show room after room. You can also check http://www/ where you can find many inspiring Prezi presentations, templates and vector SWF visuals for Prezi. Good luck with your presentations!


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