Seeking Meaning to Collective knowledge

I am currently working with faculty from 7 different  community colleges to create authentic online learning experiences.  We meet weekly in  a synchronous environment using Blackboard Collaborate . Each member has a Google document they use to  share, brainstorm and provide feedback to and from other participants. There’s a common goal to create and authentic learning experience. However the subjects are all different creating unique, multiple learning pathways.

This type of professional development and the tools used are new to all of the participants. Allison Littlejohn  describes charting,  as a set of web-based tools, to support each learner to dynamically map and manage their own view of the collective knowledge.  I would like to explore the use of charting to support participants as the explore authentic online learning.  What machine analytic tools have you used to aggregate individual behaviours into the collective?


4 thoughts on “Seeking Meaning to Collective knowledge

  1. Dear Greg
    I’m planning to write a hsort article on the four Cs and charting model, illustrating how the model could servce as a design framework. Would you be interested in writing a case study (or case studies) for the paper from the examples you mention in your blogpost?



  2. Aloha Allison,
    Yes, I would really be interested in writing a case study on what we are doing for your paper. How do you want to proceed?
    Thank you,


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