Nancy White on Communities and Networks

In this short video Nancy White discusses communities and networks. The Internet has change the way we get together. It starts with seeking out our own interests, “it’s about me”. The community is a bounded group where we decide to give up a little bit of “me” for the “we”. The community is a shared purpose that is explicitly stated (iFacilitate?). By bounded we know who is in or who is out of the community. Then we get to a place where the periphery of the community is broader. At this point you have intersecting interests within the community. Members don’t have the same intent and participation is “as needed”.  A network has the ability to scale, embrace diversity (diversity is often hard in bounded communities due to hierarchy and centralized control). In a network it is harder to get things done since people just pop in and out. Focused communities are more of a team structure with goals and goals, etc.

The terms communities and networks are used in so many different ways. The question Matt and Nancy ask “what do we mean by communities and networks?”


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