A Community of Practice

Are you interested in a Community of Practice intended for using social media to work and learn smarter? Jane Hart has launched the Social Learning Community using Yammer. This is a place where you can join discussions; ask questions, share links, experiences and events with others about social learning in education. If you’d like to join the Community, just send an email to me at gmwalker@hawaii.edu and I’ll send you an invite.  Once you are a member you can then invite your colleagues yourself.

I joined today and found an article by Jay Cross on How to evaluate social and informal learning where learning is increasingly collaborative and networked. Increasingly, learning is migrating from events (think “workshop”) to processes (think “social learning”). This is the problem I had labeling facilitate a “workshop”. It’s not really a workshop its’ social learning. IFacilitate is not an event, it’s a process. I like Jays term “workscape” but maybe a better term would be learnscape. What do you think?

Ok, back to Yammer (a cross between Twitter and Facebook).  You can see a screenshot below.

Social Learning Community

There are also desktop, iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps available  to keep you up to date with what’s happening.

If you are not familiar with Yammer, here are a few pointers:

  • You can follow (or unfollow) members by clicking on their names in the Membership list (by default you follow everyone)
  • Community Feed (on the left) shows messages from everyone in your community
  • My Feed (on the left) shows messages from people you follow
  • To post a Yammer message (aka yam), type it in then click update – everyone who follows you will see it
  • To send a message to someone, use @username – remember it is visible to anyone
  • To refer to someone in a message, use @username in the yam
  • To send a private message, type to:username – this yam is only visible by username
  • Conversations on Yammer are threaded (more like Facebook than Twitter) , so you can reply to yams and comments on yams. Note when comments are made on existing yams, the whole thread rises to the top of the feed.
  • You can share links, files, images and events in Yammer (more like Facebook)
  • You can tag your messages using #tag (similar to Twitter). You can follow tags, by clicking on the tag and then clicking the follow button
  • You can bookmark postings that you want to keep.

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