What is Connectivism?

training wheels
Image by qwrrty via Flickr

This week I have been listening to webcasts and recorded videos and reading posts on the definition of Connectivism . At first the neurons in my brain seemed to be flailing in every direction looking to make connections. As I participate I think I’m connecting to something, although many times I not really sure what the meaning is of this new found knowledge. The whole process reminds me of learning to ride a bike. I keep falling down and It looks like I’m not getting very far ( I need training wheels). However, once in a while I ride a short distance. I look forward to connecting to more paths and blocks as I continue my journey.

What I gleaned from Stephens thoughts on What Connectivism Is is that we acquire knowledge by making connections. The way we form connections is from what we do and the resulting experience. We form connections naturally by making associations and multiple connections create networks. Knowledge is distributed across these networks of connections and learning is the ability to construct and negotiate along the networks. To make connections that are meaningful each individual needs the freedom and autonomy to grow their learning by recognizing patterns of network.

How could this type of learning take place in the traditional classroom? What about authentic types of learning activities, chosen by students based on their interests, and reflections of the connections made from these activities?

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