Using Ning for Online Learning- Week 2

The second week went fairly smooth. Students seem to be getting the hang of creating blogs. Over half posted their blog assignments JUST before the deadline.  Each week learners choose a topic and locate two web resources.  They summarize what they learned and integrate their own personal experiences.  They explain how they can continue to learn to improve their life and/or work, and they review their feelings about what they learned.

During the first week I found most students were able to summarize what they learned. They had much more difficulty looking at how they can apply what they learned to their own lives. Their feelings about what they learned were mostly superficial.

To help learners increase their critical thinking I used the Feature option in Ning to highlight blogs that analyzed application of the topic to the real world and learners feelings.



I also wanted to highlight the featured blogs on the main page in a way where they would stand out from the latest blog activity.  I used a text box to insert a link to the featured blogs.


A few students need additional information on the topic. I found short video s that provided a short overview of the topic in a way that would be easy to understand.  I embedded the video in the comment window beneath the blog.  Students were able to click on the video and play the video within Ning.





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