Workload Management-Partnerships

What Worked– shifting much of the learning management from the instructor to the students.

Partnerships can enable the instructor to bring ‘new’ insights into the online classroom while at the same time, reducing his/her workload.

Guest Facilitators
1. Bring in subject matter experts to facilitate/evaluate discussion threads.
2. Bring in subject matter experts to provide online lectures, host a web conference.

Social Networking
1. Set up network of like-minded practitioners to share best practices, resources, tips, etc. using a tool such as Yahoo groups for example.


The reasons that many educators are part of this are the ease with which knowledge can be shared and developed and meanings attributed to situations and experiences common to educators in developed English speaking countries can be negotiated.

Personal Learning for Learning Professionals – Using Web 2.0 Tools to Make Reading & Research More Effective.

Knowledge construction is best accomplished through collaboration. In general, students learn through the give-and-take among classmates. That is, as students write contributions to discussions, they learn what it is that they are trying to say. The replies that they receive from their classmates further this learning.

Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge
The purpose of this paper is to outline some of the thinking behind new e-learning technology, including e-portfolios and personal learning environments.
Stephen Downes





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