Practice Active Learning

Discover New Technologies

Best Practices and Tips for Teaching Online

What Works – Tips from Instructors
We have collected the following tips from discussions and interactions with instructors who teach online:

  • role-playing exercises engage students
  • peer review of work provides authentic audience and valuable feedback
  • assigned discussion questions focuses the discussion and requires student participation
  • frequent quizzes and short answer essays keep students engaged and reduces
  • success is in the details (provide directions and be very explicit)
  • student partners (allow students to guide direction of some course elements)

21st Century Learning

Why Schoolwork Doesn’t Have to Suck: Learning 2.0

Calm down, you puritans out there scandalized by the title. I use the word “suck” advisedly because, as a teacher, it’s the verb I hear most students use when describing their feelings about the work their schools make them perform in too many classes (not all, mind you – not all. There are many good teachers out there).  Click on the link above to learn how Web 2.0 offers “unsuckiness” in the classroom?

Mindblowing Numbers From the Obama Inauguration


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