Timely Feedback

Give Timely Feedback

E-Coaching Tip 19: Feedback on Assignments: Being Timely and Efficient
A frequently asked question about online teaching and learning is “How do you give feedback in a timely and efficient way to many students?”

Here are a few hints and background on this topic — hopefully at a timely point in your term. Note that these hints focus on feedback on assignments which is a different task than providing feedback on weekly discussions: the feedback in the weekly discussions or open forum is public, open, and part of the course community dialogue as a whole. Feedback on assignments is more private. It is part of the faculty to individual student dialogue, shaping an individual’s (or team’s) growth.

Give students prompt feedback
Set expectations in writing.

  1. Tell students how quickly and how frequently you will respond to email and discussion postings.
  2. Tell students the turnaround time for grading assignments and assessments, and then stick to it.
  3. Provide weekly guidance and encouragement to the class.

Provide prompt feedback on assignments.

  1. Return assignments with comments quickly and within the stated period of time.
  2. Make sure comments on student work are constructive and nonthreatening.
  3. Grade assignments consistent with criteria set forth in the syllabus/module.
  4. Give students detailed feedback on performance early in term.

Use quizzes and tests for feedback.

  1. Utilize built in, auto-graded quiz feature when appropriate.
  2. Align quizzes and tests with course objectives.
  3. Prepare classroom exercises and problems that give students immediate feedback on performance (self tests, for example).

Provide quick feedback in both synchronous and asynchronous settings.

  1. Provide students with continuous feedback and frequent support via email, chat and discussion postings.
  2. Take an active role in moderating discussions, providing feedback and participating in other interactive components.

Good Practice Gives Prompt Feedback


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